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Division Vest

2020-2021 Schedule and results

Game date Time Arena Home Away Result Live/Summary Game Sheet
07-09-202000:00Frøs ArenaVojens IKAaB
17-09-202019:30Nordjyske Bank ArenaFrederikshavn IKAaB
19-09-202018:00VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKJutland Vikings
20-09-202000:00Frøs ArenaVojens IKJutland Vikings
20-09-202000:00Kvik Hockey Arena Herning IKEsbjerg ik
28-09-202000:00Bentax IsarenaAaBHerning IK
05-10-202000:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsHerning IK
05-10-202000:00Bentax IsarenaAaBOdense IK
11-10-202016:00Frøs ArenaVojens IKFrederikshavn IK
19-10-202000:00Bentax IsarenaAaBJutland Vikings
24-10-202020:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsOdense IK
28-10-202019:15Granly Hockey ArenaEsbjerg ikOdense IK
03-11-202019:30Nordjyske Bank ArenaFrederikshavn IKHerning IK
07-11-202020:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsAaB
11-11-202000:00Granly Hockey ArenaEsbjerg ikVojens IK
14-11-202020:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsOdense IK
23-11-202000:00VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKVojens IK
23-11-202000:00Bentax IsarenaAaBJutland Vikings
24-11-202000:00Granly Hockey ArenaEsbjerg ikFrederikshavn IK
24-11-202000:00VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKHerning IK
02-12-202000:00Kvik Hockey Arena Herning IKVojens IK
02-12-202000:00Bentax IsarenaAaBEsbjerg ik
03-12-202019:30Nordjyske Bank ArenaFrederikshavn IKJutland Vikings
06-12-202014:30VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKAaB
09-12-202000:00Bentax IsarenaAaBOdense IK
13-12-202012:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsEsbjerg ik
19-12-202015:30Nordjyske Bank ArenaFrederikshavn IKOdense IK
21-12-202000:00VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKJutland Vikings
04-01-202100:00Kvik Hockey Arena Herning IKOdense IK
05-01-202100:00Kvik Hockey Arena Herning IKJutland Vikings
05-01-202100:00Nordjyske Bank ArenaFrederikshavn IKVojens IK
09-01-202120:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsAaB
17-01-202100:00Granly Hockey ArenaEsbjerg ikHerning IK
17-01-202100:00VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKFrederikshavn IK
17-01-202100:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsAaB
24-01-202100:00Frøs ArenaVojens IKEsbjerg ik
24-01-202100:00Kvik Hockey Arena Herning IKFrederikshavn IK
24-01-202100:00Bentax IsarenaAaBOdense IK
27-01-202100:00VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKAaB
30-01-202120:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsOdense IK
08-02-202100:00VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKAaB
09-02-202100:00Frøs ArenaVojens IKOdense IK
09-02-202100:00Bentax IsarenaAaBJutland Vikings
09-02-202119:30Nordjyske Bank ArenaFrederikshavn IKEsbjerg ik
13-02-202120:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsFrederikshavn IK
14-02-202100:00VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKEsbjerg ik
14-02-202100:00Bentax IsarenaAaBVojens IK
22-02-202100:00Granly Hockey ArenaEsbjerg ikAaB
22-02-202100:00VinMedKant ArenaOdense IKJutland Vikings
23-02-202119:45Granly Hockey ArenaEsbjerg ikJutland Vikings
24-02-202100:00Kvik Hockey Arena Herning IKAaB
24-02-202100:00Århus SkøjtehalJutland VikingsVojens IK
10-03-202100:00Frøs ArenaVojens IKHerning IK
10-03-202100:00Bentax IsarenaAaBFrederikshavn IK

LEGEND (Abbreviations and statistical terms)
OT = Overtime | GWS = Game Winning Shots

Game times listed as 00:00 or game date listings for December 24th indicates that the game date and/or time has not been finally set.