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2018-2019 Schedule and results

Game date Time Arena Home Away Result Live/Summary Game Sheet
29-09-201818:30Odense SkøjtehalTeam HCA OIKÅrhus IK
29-09-201819:00Granly Hockey ArenaIHC Black Bears EIKBluedogs OIK
30-09-201800:00Odense SkøjtehalBluedogs OIKIHC Black Bears EIK
30-09-201800:00Jyske Bank BoxenUnderdog OIKBambi EIK
30-09-201800:00Odense SkøjtehalTeam HCA OIKBambi EIK
30-09-201816:00Odense SkøjtehalUnderdog OIKGreyhounds OIK
30-09-201816:00Odense SkøjtehalGreyhounds OIKUnderdog OIK
06-10-201817:00Odense SkøjtehalTeam HCA OIKBluedogs OIK
06-10-201818:15Granly Hockey ArenaBambi EIKMHL Herning
06-10-201818:30Odense SkøjtehalGreyhounds OIKIHC Black Bears EIK
21-10-201816:30Odense SkøjtehalTeam HCA OIKIHC Black Bears EIK
27-10-201814:00Jyske Bank BoxenMHL HerningGreyhounds OIK
27-10-201817:00Odense SkøjtehalBluedogs OIKÅrhus IK
03-11-201818:00Jyske Bank BoxenUnderdog OIKÅrhus IK
09-11-201820:00Odense SkøjtehalGreyhounds OIKTeam HCA OIK
10-11-201818:30Odense SkøjtehalBluedogs OIKMHL Herning
17-11-201815:45Granly Hockey ArenaIHC Black Bears EIKTeam HCA OIK
17-11-201817:00Århus SkøjtehalÅrhus IKGreyhounds OIK
17-11-201819:00Granly Hockey ArenaBambi EIKUnderdog OIK
23-11-201820:00Odense SkøjtehalBluedogs OIKGreyhounds OIK
24-11-201814:15Jyske Bank BoxenMHL HerningBambi EIK
24-11-201817:00Århus SkøjtehalÅrhus IKTeam HCA OIK
01-12-201817:30Jyske Bank BoxenMHL HerningUnderdog OIK
08-12-201818:15Granly Hockey ArenaBambi EIKGreyhounds OIK0 - 0ViewOpen
15-12-201817:00Århus SkøjtehalÅrhus IKMHL Herning
15-12-201819:00Granly Hockey ArenaIHC Black Bears EIKUnderdog OIK
11-01-201920:00Odense SkøjtehalBluedogs OIKTeam HCA OIK0 - 0ViewOpen
12-01-201917:15Jyske Bank BoxenUnderdog OIKMHL Herning
19-01-201917:00Århus SkøjtehalÅrhus IKBluedogs OIK
19-01-201918:30Odense SkøjtehalGreyhounds OIKBambi EIK
26-01-201918:30Odense SkøjtehalGreyhounds OIKMHL Herning
26-01-201919:00Granly Hockey ArenaBambi EIKÅrhus IK
02-02-201915:45Granly Hockey ArenaIHC Black Bears EIKÅrhus IK
08-02-201920:00Odense SkøjtehalTeam HCA OIKUnderdog OIK
16-02-201916:00Jyske Bank BoxenMHL HerningTeam HCA OIK
23-02-201918:00Granly Hockey ArenaBambi EIKBluedogs OIK
24-02-201911:30Århus SkøjtehalÅrhus IKIHC Black Bears EIK
02-03-201916:30Jyske Bank BoxenMHL HerningIHC Black Bears EIK
03-03-201916:30Jyske Bank BoxenUnderdog OIKBluedogs OIK
16-03-201919:00Granly Hockey ArenaIHC Black Bears EIKBambi EIK

LEGEND (Abbreviations and statistical terms)
OT = Overtime | GWS = Game Winning Shots

Game times listed as 00:00 or game date listings for December 24th indicates that the game date and/or time has not been finally set.